Fee Policies


  1. Parents are expected to read the rules & regulations very carefully related to the fee structure laid down in the school diary and website.
  2. The Management reserves the right to revise the fee structure in every academic session & any objection in this regard will not be entertained by the management, once the fee structure has been finalised by the management committee.
  3. All fees have to be deposited by online mode only on or before the due dates.
  4. Fee Payment Schedule / Due dates / Late fee charges:
QuarterDue date Late fee charges
1st Quarter (April/May/June) 16th March 2019 Post 16/3/19 fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged separately for Annual charges, Tuition fees & Transportation fee.
2nd Quarter (July/August/Sep.) 15th June 2019 Post 15/6/19 fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged separately for Tuition fee & Transportation fee.
3rd Quarter (Oct./Nov./Dec.) 15th September 2019 Post 15/9/19 fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged separately for Tuition fee & Transportation fee.
4th Quarter (Jan./Feb./March) 15th December 2019 Post 15/12/19 fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged separately for Tuition fee & Transportation fee.


  1. Admission fee is Non Refundable & Non Transferable (even within SPS branches).
  2. Parents are supposed to pay 12 months Tuition fee of the ward to the school. In case of new admission if the TC or Fee Receipts of previous school reflecting the month upto which the fee has been paid is submitted then you are required to pay tuition fee to the school only from the month in which the admission is granted.
  3. In case admission is granted after the commencement of new session, then the, Tuition fee, Transportation charges (Optional), Meal Charges (Optional) will be applicable from the month in which admission is taken.
  4. Transportation (Optional) and Meal (Optional) charges will be payable for 11 months (First 2 months fee with 1st Qtr & rest 9 month fees with other remaining 3 Qtrs.). For New Admissions, it will be charged from the month of admission.
  5. In case of new admission, Annual charges will be charged for the whole session & has to be paid fully with 1st Instalment only.


  1. The school transport facility is an optional service.
  2. The transportation charges are payable on quarterly basis for 11 months (First 2 months fee with 1st Qtr & rest 9 month fees with remaining 3 Qtrs.).
  3. Transportation fee slabs are as per the distance (From school to your Destination / Stop)
  4. In case of withdrawal or discontinuation of bus facility, 1 month notice period is necessary.


  1. Application for withdrawal of students from the school should be submitted in writing.
  2. In case of TC application, fee will be charged for the month of application & for the next month as the notice period.
  3. It is advisable to apply for the T.C. by the end of the month so that only next month’s fee will be considered as the notice period.
  4. The school leaving certificate will be issued only after all dues are cleared, Library books are returned & all documents are found in order.
  5. The Annual charges will be refunded on Pro rata basis. The parent will only pay the annual charges for the month of T.C. application & the next month as notice period.
  6. If in case TC is granted to any student & in the same academic session if he/she request for Readmission, then Admission fee will not be charged. Only Readmission charges will be applicable along with other fee heads.


  1. If the child has to be withdrawn before commencement of the new session, parents must apply in writing before 1st working day of next academic session, failing which midterm withdrawal rules will be applicable.


  1. Transfer Certificate & Caution Money will only be processed subject to submission of written application by the parent.
  2. Parents are requested to collect their Caution money cheque along with the T.C.


  1. If fee of 2 consecutive quarters is not paid then the name of the student is liable to be struck off from the school records. If parent wishes to readmit their ward then Rs. 5000/- will be charged for readmission processing fee (subject to availability of seats).
  2. If the child remains absent for 30 continuous days without prior permission or intimation, then school has the authority to strike off the name of the child. If the child returns after the period of 30 days or more, then it will be treated as re-admission which will be at sole discretion of the Principal & Rs. 5000/- will be charged as readmission processing fee (Subject to seat availability).