Language Labs

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Language Labs

Language labs are an integral part of SPS infrastructure. These labs enable the students to approach language learning through communicative and functional approaches.

The school is equipped with two Language Labs, one for the primary and the other for the Secondary school. Both the labs have capacity to cater to the needs of 40 students each simultaneously.

The software in the Primary Language Lab concentrates on the pronunciation of words, phonetics, spellings, sentence formation and grammatical concepts such as parts of speech.

The software in the Senior Language lab has three levels - Low for Class VI to VII, Medium for class VIII-X and High for class XI. The four aspects of language learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing, are incorporated in the software installed in the Language lab.

The lab is also used for evaluation of Listening Skills through audio clips-the students listen and answer the questions to enhance their comprehension.

To develop speaking skills, exercises are used which help the student to develop correct pronunciation and accent. Likewise, grammar exercises help the students to perfect their English.

The Labs help in ensuring excellent communication skills and empower the students with confidence and better personality.