Career in Psychology

Career in Psychology

Psychologists study, analyze and assess people and their behavior. Their focus in on the human mind and the physiology and processes associated with the brain.

There are many career options are available in the worlds of psychology such as Research, Medical, Clinical or diagnostic ,Counselor, Health Psychologist, Industrial Psychologist, Sports psychologists, Forensic Psychologists and many more.

Research Psychologists :

 Research is concerned with cognition,personality,social behaviours and neuro science. Many Top institutes in india such as IISER ,IIT’S ,NIMHANS are the institutes for research after masters in psychology.

DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization):

Career as a scientist in Service Selection Boards (SSBs) and Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs) .

Clinical Psychologists :

Clinical psychologists meet with clients to identify problems –emotional, behavioural and mental. Through observations, tests and interviews will diagnosis any existing or potential disorders.

Counselors :

 Counselors help people deal with personal crisis and give advice on how to improve daily life. School Counselors in this field deal with students who have learning and behavioural problems.

Industrial Psychologists :

Industrial psychologists deal with issues at the work place.

Forensic Psychologists :

Forensic psychologists assess and interpret the minds of criminals and work with police,lawyers and judges.

Sports Psychologists :

Sports psychologists are concerned with the psychological factors that improve the athletic  performance.

Top colleges for undergraduate students in India:

  1. Ashoka University (Sonepat,Haryana)
  2. Lady Shri Ram College for Women (Delhi University,Delhi)
  3. Jesus and Mary College (Delhi University)
  4. Indian Institute of Psychology & Research
  5. St.Xavier’s College,Mumbai (Mumbai University)
  6. Christ University
  7. Presidency College ,Chennai
  8. Sophia College for Women, Mumbai