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Biblio - The SPS Literature Fest 2018

Sagar Public School is one of the leading schools of Bhopal, and ranks among the top 100 schools in India. It is the flagship venture of the Sagar Group, the fastest growing corporate house in Central India with diversified interests.

With innovation and opportunity as its bywords, Sagar Public School always gives its teachers and students out-of-the-box opportunities to learn and grow. To further this aim, the school has elected to host a Literature Festival for the students of Bhopal.

The program promises to be a fabulous educational opportunity, with mulitple avenues to stimulate the intellectual and creative facets of any child. The school proudly asserts that this prestigious event will be the first of its kind in Bhopal.

Biblio will feature acclaimed and emerging writers, eminent speakers, journalists of renowned media houses and distinguished artists. It will be a platform for debating emerging trends and issues, discussing new forms of literature, writing and illustrations. To add a new dimension, a component on the critique of film making has also been added to an already exciting schedule.