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Simi Shrivastava

Biblio - The SPS Literature Fest 2018

Storytelling is a passion with Simi Srivastava. She discovered it while she was doing her teacher’s training way back in 1998 when she gave up her corporate career to seek intellectual satisfaction and follow her passion for working with students and teachers and since then she has been narrating stories and working on the art of storytelling. Simi is a soft skills, life skills trainer and a performing artist. She is professionally trained in theatre, creative music and movement, miming, puppetry and is using all these to narrate stories.

Simi is the founder of Kathashala and she has put together her knowledge, skills and experience in setting up Kathashala, a storytelling institute for adults. What makes the institute unique is that the curriculum is based on performing arts including the folk and traditional forms of storytelling. Currently Simi is researching the use of storytelling as a therapy particularly for the children in the age group of 3 to 7 years to understand them better and to find if they are undergoing any kind of stress or depression.