Niharika Batra

Niharika Batra (2016 BATCH)

SPS has enabled me to grow holistically and a lot of my teachers have been really instrumental in my growth. From Savitha ma'am while I was in KG2 to Anamika ma'am in 12th grade have not only helped me in having strong academic record, but also taught me how to be a good human.

Rishul Ghosh

Rishul Ghosh(2019-20 BATCH)

Studying in this school right from KG-1 class. My experience has been great in here. The teachers have always been supportive and guided during all kinds of problems I have faced. My school has been a great hub where I could show my musical talents. Thank You SPS for making me realise myself and my strengths and making me a successful person for future.

Srileena Samaddar Saxena

Srileena Samaddar Saxena (2017-18 BATCH)

"I am currently pursuing 'Visual Communication Design'.
During my time in Sagar Public School, I had some of the best moments. I was able to meet amazing teachers, kind friends and have great memories. My mentors helped me grow and mature as a person. They helped and guided me in the best ways possible. The environment here was engaging and friendly. Due to the inclusion of various activities here, we could also focus not only on studies , but also in different areas to hone our skills. I am really happy to be an alumni of Sagar Public School."

Aayushi Chaurasia

Aayushi Chaurasia (2014-15 BATCH)

Joined the school in the foundation year 2000, Spent the whole school life here. Apart from just teaching, It inculcated values in me, supported my other talents, the teachers have always been like friends to me. It made me who I am today. It is difficult to explain the experience of 14 years in just a few lines, all I would say is, Im grateful. SPS is one of the best schools in Bhopal as it focuses on personality development as well, not just teaching.

Ruchi Saksena

Ruchi Saksena (2015 BATCH)

My experience at SPS SN was nothing short of amazing! SPS has provided me with not just exceptional education but also an array of wonderful memories that I cherish to this day. The bonds that we've made with our teachers and fellow peers remain strong even this day and that says a lot about our values and sense of belonging at SPS. I'm very grateful and proud to be a part of the SPS SN family!

Shreyasi Godse

Shreyasi Godse (2018 BATCH)

Sagar Public School is and always be a crucial part of my life, for the institution has provided me with plethora of knowledge and skill. I will be forever grateful as the school has helped me to recognise and embrace my hidden talents. Wherever I am today or will be in future the foundation of it will always be this school.

Divya Kasliwal

Divya Kasliwal(2018 BATCH)

"I literally can't sum up my schooling years in just 2-3 sentences.
I belong to the foundation batch...I joined the school in 2001 i.e the foundation year. And these 12 +2 years were just amazing. And it totally reflects today in what I've become and aspire to acheive in coming years!!!

I'm really thankfull to my parents to have enrolled me in this prestigious institute in the very initial years of its establishment and having total faith in its success. And I'm also thanfull to each and every faculty for always being by my side. "

Shubhankar Ambarish Joshi

Shubhankar Ambarish Joshi(2017-18 BATCH)

A very pleasant and nurturing environment to learn and thrive and have fun.

Manvi Gubreley

Manvi Gubreley(2016 BATCH)

"""SAGARITE"" - it's not just a title, not just we call ourself, it's a feeling, a sense of belonging to our home away from home. ""sagar public school"" it is a place where i entered as an introvert child in 2012 and exited as a confident individual in 2016, with loads of memories, friends for life and a well-rounded personality.

Sagar public school has given me that motivation to do well in life, to make it as proud, as I am of it. There are uncountable ways SPS has affected me, but certainly it made me who I am, and as thankful as I am for being a part of this magnificent school, I couldn鈥檛 be grateful enough to my parents, for making the right choice for me."

Utkarsh Bajpai

Utkarsh Bajpai(2015 BATCH)

SPS has emerged as one of top schools of the city, inspite of being a relatively young institute.

Nishtha Jain

Nishtha Jain(2015 BATCH)

I had some of my best days at Sagar Public School where I was given with various opportunities to explore my capabilities and carve it to perfection. I had supportive and motivating teachers who always encouraged me to take challenges heads-on and to never give up.

Chinmay Mudgal

Chinmay(2018 BATCH)

It was a great experience being in a renowned Institution like S.P.S. It made me realise who I was and where I should be putting my efforts to achieve what I deserved. Without the help of Mrs. Swati Banthia and Mr. Jitendra Jat, this wouldn't have been possible.

Rohit Tandon

Rohit Tandon(2017 BATCH)

Those were the best and the most memorable days of my life. I guess, after school life starts getting more and more serious and all the fun starts getting sucked out. I miss the teachers too 馃А



It helped me to push myself and get through every challenges that I faced during my school time. Helped me in complete all round development of my skills

Shishir Kumar Singh

Shishir Kumar Singh(2010 BATCH)

I took admission in SPS when it was established, and it was the best decision of my life. I passed out in 2010 after spending 9 years full of fun, learning and creating some of the best memories of my life. The experience has been phenomenal. The school focused on holistic development which groomed me in all aspects of life and made me an all rounder. It imbibed in me morals and values which have helped me sail through the difficult situations of life like a breeze. The teachers motivated us to think creatively and to have an open mindset. The culture of school is very inclusive and helped me build life-long bonds with some of the most wonderful friends. The school made me realise my true potential and inspired me to dream big by constantly boosting my morale. If I would ever be given a miraculous wish to be young again and attend school, I would choose Sagar Public School, a thousand times over!

Devanjan Mishra

Devanjan Mishra(2011 BATCH)

SPS was the foundation for all the things I did in my life. From being awarded the best boy in 2010 to the lustrous pearl on 2011, I believe the overall growth and the hunger to keep learning was ignited in my school. Jaishree ma'am and many other teachers played a key role in nurturing me and teaching me real life value of being disciplined and focused towards my life goals.

Aman Bhataniya

Aman Bhataniya(2012-13 BATCH)

It was a great experience

Anushka Dixit

Anushka Dixit(2018 BATCH)

SPS helped me a lot in shaping my personality. Recalling those memories from school still puts a smile on my face. I'm grateful for everything the school has given to me.

Tejas Warathe

Tejas Warathe(2015 BATCH)

I studied at SPS for 2 years in standard 11th and 12th while also staying in Hostel. I still remember, I used to have my breakfast at school because SPS provided them for free for all the hostelers. I cracked JEE a year later after passing out from SPS.



SPS provided me with a solid educational foundation to build my career on. The personal attention given to the needs to each student was unparalleled. I went on to pursue law at the prestigious National Law School of India University and received Aditya Birla Scholarship which funded my entire legal education. Initially I worked at Luthra and Luthra, a top tier corporate law firm. I then went on to join the office of Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia as his executive assistant to oversee the development work at his constituency and the state of Madhya Pradesh.



Doctoral program in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, I research on making very high-performance and very low cost micro-gyroscopes for GPS-free navigation which are instrumental for high-end airborne vehicles and autonomous cars. Joined the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in 2011. I’d like to mention that at IITH, I was the first non-CSEStudent to became a coordinator of the programming club of the college and I am absolutely grateful to the computer science education which was given to me at SPS.



Studying at IIM Ahmedabad | Post Graduate Programme in Management | Batch of 2021. I'm impressed by how consistently and rapidly SPS is growing. This growth can be scene in every respect, from facilities and infrastructure to academic achievements of students. Needless to say, my experience with SPS has been spectacular, and I highly recommend the institute.



I am currently pursuing MBA in Strategy and Marketing from Indian School of Business Hyderabad and will be graduating in 2020. SPS helped me develop my holistic personality by providing me with an opportunity to engage in diverse activities: arts, music, sports, debates, drama and of course, academics. Furthermore, being appointed as the Head Boy in the academic 2010-2011 helped me gain leadership attributed which come along with me even today. All in all, SPS is the place which nurtured me and helped me become the man I am today.



I am a fifth year Ph. D. student in the Department of EECS at University of California, Berkeley (UCB), advised by BMW-Y:Prof. Martin Wainwright and Prof. Bin Yu. I am associated with the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research group (BAIR) and I work at the interplay of Machine Learning, Optimization and Monte Carlo methods. Before coming to Berkeley, I obtained a B. Tech. (Honors) in Electrical Engineering and Minors in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT) in 2014. I was awarded the President of India Gold Medal (summa cum laude), Institute Silver Medal and Best B. Tech Project Award during my graduation at IIT Bombay. Also, I had worked for a year (2014-2015) at WorldQuant Research, India at Mumbai as Senior Quantitative Researcher. I am really grateful to the wonderful teachers and friends (for life) that I made there. I feel fortunate to having such a great time in such a time of my life since I sincerely believe the learnings at SPS during those two years of my life were very crucial in giving a direction to my life and career. Not only it boosted my confidence, it also made me humble at the same time. My experience at SPS was crucial in building a solid foundation in both my brain and heart that I have been relying on since I graduated from SPS. I now live with three principles: Karma, Honesty and Love



MBBS from ADICHUCHUNA GIRI Bangalore. Preparing for post graduate exams. Experiences in SPS- the teachers were amazingly supportive and i always felt the school environment was always supportive of what the students wanted to be. I am grateful that i was part of the school and found immense motivation towards persuading my goal.



Working as Group A gazzeted officer under Ministry of railways (Rail India Technical and Economic Services) Area of jurisdictions is in charge of MP and Chhattisgarh railways signaling projects. I proudly feel that I cherished every moments of SPS. ..I really liked the teacher's approach to the students; they always want to help us. It's a place of knowledge & bliss. ... The relation between teacher and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity.



M. Tech, DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, Arizona State University Glendale, Arizona, USA. My experience at Sagar Public School Saket Nagar was great. I was the Best athlete in 2012. Learned a lot and enhanced my knowledge by following the road map provided by the teachers.



Current Profile: Environment, Health and Safety Engineer Intern at Continental Automotive Company.My responsibilities are: developing risk assessments and designing safety operating practices within the company and provide technical leadership and support to identify hazards, assess risks and provide cost-efficient management solutions. My experience at SPS: I have changed many schools in my life as my father worked in a government bank and he was transferred from one city to another every 4-5 years. Initially, I was quite apprehensive about the school, whether I would make friends, whether I would be able to adjust to the surroundings and the list was long.. However, soon I became an integral part of the school, adjusting quite easily. The overwhelming ambience of the school and the friendly teachers became a part and parcel of my life. So I can very confidently and honestly say that my experience in SPS Saket Nagar has been the best of my life!! I think the best school is not defined by it's infrastructure and facilities but by their teachers, Principal and other members who work at school and undoubtedly SPS excells at that. They provide the best resources to their students and let them achieve their full potential. I have been in SPS during the most crucial part of my school life. I would like to thank all my teachers, Dr. Jaishree Kanwar ma'am for teaching us the nuances of the English language. I was always weak at Maths but in my 10th and 12th std. I scored (98% & 89% resp.) and all credits goes to Ranjan Nath sir and Bharti Sharma ma'am. I had always hated Chemistry from the bottom of my heart, yet today I hold a Master's degree which is completely based on Chemistry. All credits for this goes to Shivani Saxena ma'am and Afroz Bano ma'am. Last but not the least, Shweta Tiwari ma'am and Manika ma'am for explaining the laws of universe and helping us becoming an Engineer! Huge thanks to all my teachers and staff members of the illustrious SPS family. I am so proud of being a part of SPS. May the flag of SPS always fly high.



Hi, I am Sharad Roy, an undergraduate student in IIT Bhilai pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. Although my main branch is Electrical, I also do coding. In the initial 3 years in IIT Bhilai, I have not just limited myself to studies but have also contributed to the progress and development of my college. I have been the Cultural Secretary, Club Coordinator, Tech Lead in the Fest Web- development team, Volunteers’ coordinator in Smart India Hackathon 2019 and helped in many other events inside the college. This must look like a lot to you but when you are in college, you actually do not know what you want to do, so you explore as much as you can. And SPS helped me in gaining this mentality. When we are in school, we actually don’t know what is it that we want to become in future and where our talent lies. When someone asks us, we have only few choices to make. However, SPS has been making changes in its curriculum to give students a broader domain. When I first entered this school, cultural and educational events occurred very frequently. I have to perform in a drama and I did not like it that much because of my stage fright but eventually I overcame it. There were exhibitions in which I displayed my projects to many parents and teachers. As I stayed longer in SPS, I realized that I have talent in many domains, I just have to find the right one. This process of finding the right career could not have been possible if I did not have support and guidance from my teachers. There are a lot of them but only few of them knows me from the start. I am thankful to the teachers and this school for giving me the skills that I require in the real world.



Currently pursuing BE (Hons.) in Electrical and Electronics from Birla Institute of Science and Technology, Pilani (BITS,Piplani). I am in my final year right now and will be graduating in May, 2020. Currently I am interning in HERE Technologies,Mumbai as a Software Developer. I joined SPS when I was in 8th standard. When I joined SPS, I was amazed to see the personal attention given by the teachers to every student. SPS completely focuses on the overall development of a child, helps a student excel in the field of his choice. SPS has given me infinite memories of my life. Almost 4 years have passed by after leaving SPS and now when I look back I realise that those were the best 5 years of my life with infinite friends and supportive teachers. SPS helped me identify my interests and guided me all the way long to achieve my goals. When someone used to tell me that enjoy these days to the fullest these days won't come back, I never realised the value of that statement at that time but yes now I genuinely feel that school days are the best days of your childhood.



Chartered Accountant by profession. My experience in SPS was just amazing. I got infinite love & lessons from my teachers, there teachers made me do “Work Hard” for the way to success. Miss those days of SPS. Just want to thank to the wonderful faculty of SPS….I am proud to be a student of SPS Saket Nagar.



B.A (Hons.), Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women Delhi. SAGAR PUBLIC SCHOOL is much beyond just an “SCHOOL”…It actually denotes a “Culture”…Culture of excellence, empowerment, and enrichment. Being a part of SPS, I felt blessed. The school has molded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. That day is not far when people will recognize me with the name of SPS and I am very grateful to the school for providing guidelines and motivation to inspire me to achieve my goals.


Rohan Kumar - 2011 (photo to be added)

Master of science, Process Safety and Environmental Engineering , Otto-von-Guericke University, Halle-Neustadt , Germany the teachers were amazingly supportive and i always felt the school environment was always supportive of what the students wanted to be. I am greatful that i was part of the school and found immense motivation towards persuading my goal.