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SPS Saket Nagar

Recent Events

Educational visit to IIM Indore

November 09, 2023

It is rightly quoted: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” On a bright and promising morning of November 07, 2023, a group of 26 eager young minds from Sagar Public School, Saket Nagar, Ratibad and Katara Extension, Bhopal embarked on a journey of exploration and learning. Their destination was the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore), where they experienced the world of higher education, innovation, and leadership. The educational visit to IIM Indore promised to be a day filled with inspiration and knowledge, leaving an indelible mark on these budding scholars. As the students arrived at the sprawling campus of IIM Indore, they were welcomed with warm smiles and a palpable atmosphere of academic excellence. The visit commenced with an introductory session, where the students were briefed about the history, vision, and mission of the institute. Accompanied by guides, the school students embarked on a comprehensive tour of the IIM Indore campus. They explored state-of-the-art classrooms, cutting-edge research facilities, and the renowned library that housed a vast collection of academic resources. The campus tour allowed the students to visualize their future academic pursuits and understand the importance of a conducive learning environment. During lunch break, the students mingled with IIM Indore students. These informal interactions provided a platform for the young learners to seek guidance, clarify doubts, and establish valuable connections. The students were encouraged to nurture these connections, as they might prove instrumental in shaping their future endeavors. The educational visit to IIM Indore left an indelible impression on the school students, igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm for higher education and professional success. The experience served as a catalyst, inspiring them to dream big, set ambitious goals, and work diligently towards achieving them.