Dance Competition

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Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.
An Inter House Dance Competition with the theme, ‘Folk Dance’, was organized in the school, which had everyone in the throes excitement, awe and joy. Teams from all the four houses KAVERI, NARMADA, GANGA and YAMUNA participated in the event in two Groups – Group 1 of Classes IV-VI and Group 2 of Classes VII-X. The judges for the event were Ms. Arpita Karmalkar, Ms. Moumita Das, Ms. Manisha Raghuwanshi and Ms. Bindu Pillai. Students danced to the tune of various folk songs and mesmerized the gathering with their graceful performances. When the results were declared, a deafening applause greeted the winners, namely the students of Narmada House for their mesmerizing performance. The students of Kaveri House were the runners up. For images please click on the link:
Category: Inter House Dance Competition
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Event date: June 27, 2018