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Junior Annual Function, 2022 "Expressing Exuberance"

November 18, 2022

The Sagarites of pre primary and primary were all set to teleport the audience into their dream world through their mesmerizing dances and skits on the first day of the Annual Function entitled “Expressing Exuberance”. The creative ideas of depiction had enabled the students to visualize a world without its physical limits and we all know that imagination is the beginning of creation. The sagarites of lower primary through their presentations depicted that through the qualities of intellect, wit and politeness, one can excel in life. Students took the audience on a remarkable journey to the enchanting and mysterious Arabian kingdom. In the program “Majestic Master” the central idea was to awaken the inherent goodness of our inner self, uplifting the self, thereby illuminating the world. The program concluded with the power pack presentation with loud and clear message that determination is nothing without dedication and hard work.