Student Clubs

Health Club

Health is certainly the real wealth and here at SPS we are committed to providing an environment that enhances the development of lifelong wellness practices and motivates all students to be fit, healthy, and ready to learn. Our Health and Wellness club activities include assemblies on Health Awareness, pin-up board displays, yoga, meditation, maintaining health records, poster making /painting competitions, awareness programmes, information on health and personal hygiene, health camp for students, speeches by Science teachers on good habits, etc.



  • Organizer of all health related activities (at least 8-10 activities in the year at each level).
  • Giving health education
  • Creating "Health, Hygiene & Fitness" awareness in the society / community


Eco Club

The Eco club warriors of SPS promise to create an eco-friendly environment within and outside the school. To achieve this noble motive the students have chalked out the following activities:

  • Earth Day celebration
  • Community Service Projects
  • Litter clean ups of garden and open spaces (inside school)
  • Vanmahotsava celebration
  • Poster making competition
  • Composting
  • Field Visit
  • Anti cracker campaign
  • Making of paper bags
  • Celebrating Tilak Holi with herbal colors prepared by the students
  • Earth Hour celebration

Home Science

Home Science is the application of scientific knowledge in a systematic manner towards improving the quality of home and family life. The Home Science Club in SPS aims for educating the students for “Better living” and “Family Eco System”.It familiarizes the students with nagging household problems and scientific ways to solve them.


  • Flower making with organdi fabric
  • Learning different stitches of embroidery
  • Tucking of buttons, making an ‘eye’.
  • Fireless cooking - sandwitches,bhel etc.
  • Making of chocolates
  • Rakhi making,Rangoli, Mehendi
  • Clay moulds
  • Filling of bank forms
  • Awareness about nutrition and healthy food
  • Removing stains of different types.
  • Face packs.
  • Thali decoration.

Maths Club

The importance of Mathematics in our society cannot be denied. Mathematics is the support of all the disciplines such as Science and Humantities. And so Math Literacy(or Numeracy) is a standard part of all academic tests. Hence at SPS we have created a Maths Club for our students of class IX and X.


The mission of Maths Club is to bring together Maths loving students, who can explore mathematics in a much wider and deeper way. Problem solving skill and interdisciplinary applications of mathematics will be learnt.


Apart from pen & paper learning, the Club will also organize activities and projects related to mathematics.


Members, called Matheletes, meet once a week on Monday for class X and on Thursday for class IX for one  hour duration.


  • Organizing in-house Maths Olympaid.
  • Theme based poster competitions.
  • Talks on numeracy and importance of Maths.
  • Carees in Maths.
  • Display of works by great Mathematicians.
  • Awareness of different levels of Maths problems in various entrance exams.
  • Organizing competitions such as Arithmetic bee, Algebra Bee, Equation Bee, Geometry Bee, Mensuration Bee.
  • Participation in various Maths project and competitions.

Information Technology

  • Learning basics of programming
  • Making applications using java
  • Developing web sites 
  • Developing Mobile apps


In Painting

  • 2D Designing
  • Children learn to make 2d handmade Designs and colour them in many shades.
  • These beautiful handicrafts can be used as wall hanging.

In Graphics

  • Ceramic Art
    On mount board, children learn to make impressive ceramic Art that includes ceramic powder or colour and designs.
  • Tattoo making
    In this students make different types of tattoo and designs of their choice.
  • Logo Symbol design
    In this assignment students learn, to make Logo of any firm, company, brand, product or institution.